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Calculating areas with vector and raster data in R

This short tutorial will focus on area calculation in R using both vector and raster data.

Newsletter | Happy New Year! | February meet-up | R Training

Geospatial CoP Newsletter, January 2023 Ringing in 2023 and upcoming plans for the UQ Geospatial CoP 2023 is going to be a big year for the UQ Geospatial CoP.

Newsletter | Climate data blog post + problem solving session + conference in Fiji + more

UQ geospatial CoP Newsletter for September 2022 Blog post – Analysing climate data with R, Ralph Trancoso Last Thursday Ralph ran us through the basics of climate analysis in R.

Analysing Climate data with R

This post contains the scripts provided by Ralph Trancoso in the Analysing Climate Data in R workshop.

Newsletter | Analysing climate data with R + Interactive Maps + AEO Forum + more.

UQ geospatial CoP Newsletter for August 2022 Blog post – Interactive mapping with Rshiny, Christina Buelow A huge thanks to Christina for the interactive mapping with RShiny workshop.

Interactive mapping with RShiny

Why interactive and why Shiny?

Newsletter | Mapping interactively + R for ecologists + Data wrangling + more.

UQ geospatial CoP Newsletter for July 2022 Latest blog post We have put together a summary of last week’s workshop.

Problem Solving Session II

Problem solving session II Following the success of our last problem solving session, we ran another one in June.

Problem Solving Session I

About the session Question 1 - Rasterizing field size information per farm.