Cloud computing with Open Data Cube and Python

This workshop broadly covered remote sensing data analysis using the Open Data Cube (ODC), developed by Geoscience Australia.

Introduction to tidy spatial networks

Written and presented by Stéphane Guillou Technology Trainer, UQ Library Mastodon: @stragu@mastodon.

Basic Raster Analysis with R

Presented by Mitch Rudge PhD Candidate, UQ Sustainable Minerals Institute

How to contribute a post

We will be covering some basics of multiple programming skills (Git/GitHub, R, html, etc…) with the aim of empowering people to contribute to blogdown websites such as the University of Queensland Geospatial Analysis Community of practice (UQGAC) blog.

Creating a geospatial blog with blogdown

In this post, we will go through the process of creating a geospatial blog, specifically this blog.